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About FaceReader

FaceReader explores the interactive potential of facial recognition and surveillance technologies. Taking the form of a speculative CCTV camera, it harnesses the power of advanced FaceAPI technology to raise awareness in a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on surveillance systems.

By translating the detected facial expressions into a playful and engaging interactive experience, FaceReader prompts audiences to consider the ethical implications of facial recognition technology and the potential for misuse by those in power.

Designed & Developed by JIWOO KIM ©

How To Use

• Check the chart at the bottom left for real-time facial analysis.
• To save your sketch, hit the ‘Save’ button.
• To reset your sketch, click on the ‘Reset’ button.
• To turn the camera on or off, use the ‘Camera’ button.
• To draw with your nose, click on the ‘Sketch’ button.
• To interact with typography, click on the ‘Type’ button.
• Colours and sizes change based on the level of detected facial expressions.